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  • Scot1and’s Fishhook Setup
    The “Fishhook” is a setup I have used successfully for years to get entries in powerful stocks.  This post will cover what a ” fishhook “is and how I to trade it. The objective and Background. Before beginning, I must make a confession–I used to 
  • Stocks under $10 that you should know About
    I asked my followers which stock under $10 should people know about. This is the list they came up with. First -my entries. RAIL – Rail makes railroad cars. It tends to do well when commodity plays are in favor. They have expanded production. The 
  • Lift off? – 4/24/2021
    The week ends with strong moves in the Stonks! A great move in the Russel to trigger a slingshot. I had been concerned that this was setting up as a potential head and shoulder top. Continuation of the move would negate the H&S and position 
  • The Slingshot
    Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a powerful stock after a pullback just as the downward momentum stops and the stock begins going back up? It was my goal to come up with a setup that did just that. After much experimentation, I