Stocks under $10 that you should know About

Stocks under $10 that you should know About

I asked my followers which stock under $10 should people know about. This is the list they came up with.

First -my entries.

RAIL – Rail makes railroad cars. It tends to do well when commodity plays are in favor. They have expanded production. The Stock is showing massive volume spikes. I currently have a position in this one.

SPRT – is a reverse merger. Greenridge energy is acquiring This will give them a public listing. It will be the lowest-cost bitcoin miner. You can do that when you own a natural gas power plant. I had tried it before and was stopped out. Now setting up off the 50 ma. Read more here.

My Followers’ Picks

these are not buy recommendations and mosts are not setups that I would consider. Rules first. That said, there are some interesting ideas:


Scot’s comments – Silver as a sector is heating up. FSM is kind of just going sideways along the a flat 50MA. Some aggressive buying volume would be necessary to get me interested.

PLG (he also recommended RAIL) see my comments.

Scot’s comments. Excellent pick. Metals and mining are showing power. Nice flag. I’m a big fan of Nextbigtrade and have been a long time follower.


Scot’s Comments: not for me. Brutal downtrend.



SCOT’s Comments – I can see this working. Volume is too light for me personally, but it has established momentum, now above 10 ema.

UUUU – popular pick ; ,

Scot’s comments, has some momentum. Not sure what the upside is top could be as it has been a steady grinder.

GNE Texas wind/solar/natural gas utility did better than most in Texas Freeze + nationwide commercial solar installation

Scot’s Comments – not seeing bullish momentum here.

LXU Hits on so many themes: Turnaround play, Ag sector, green fertilizer. Close to $100M a year EBITDA.

Scot’s Comments – Chart is working but no volume to speak of.


Scot’s comments- I like it. Great chart pattern, under accumulation.


Scot’s Comments – It”s had one really nice price/ volume spike but wasn’t able to hold. Would like to see momentum and trend build.

Scot’s comment – Great pick and great flick = A+ setup.



Scot’s comments: Chart looks like a bar code. I would have no edge in this


Scot’s comments: Not under $10 cheater. lol. – I can see this working under cut of the $10 level and reclaim had show power previously.


Scot’s comments – it’s shown a bit of volume and aggressive price on the gap. But this is the type of stock that can get very quiet. Hard to have an edge here.


Scot’s comments- Silver stocks look better than gold.


Scot’s comments – not seeing it. looks kind of pump and dump. History of price spikes that are immediately sold. That’s a warning sign for me.


Scot’s comments – no momentum. Nothing to see here at the moment.


Scot’s comments – I’ve tried trading this one. It’s trying to work. needs a bit more consolidation after the breakout and rejection.


Scot’s comments: There was a huge drop in this one. (I put two charts up for perspective) I haven’t dug into it. BK candidate or over reaction. IF this is your thing, probably worth a lot of DD as market could misprice it. looks like its creeping higher after getting destroyed. That said, I know my game and it isn’t this type of stock.


Scot’s comments: a couple of people mentioned this one. Looks like the circus left town to me.


Scot’s comments. I like how this is building higher. Great momentum, Volume is still very light though.

MBIO My good friend

Scot’s Comments- this is what Stage 1 looks like- Zoom out. multi-year trading range.


Scots comments – Stage 1, reverse split. Not seeing anything that indicates the trend has changed.


Scots comments: This one has been a long time pump and dump stock. Many reverse splits. Zoom out on the chart and llook left. Price spikes are opportunities for the company to raise capital


Scots comment: Broken.


Scots comments: Maybe if EV comes back. Until then its broken.


Scot’s Comments: It’s been able to hold the volume level. This is a sign of more significant support. Needs another spike to work itself into a trend though.


Scot’s comments – honoring the 21 ema, a clear trend. This is tradeable.


Scot’s Comments: This is a fantastic selection. Power and volume.


Scots comments:

This is showing momentum power and volume. good pick